Your computers should work for you, not against you.
It should respond quickly and accurately.

However this is not always the case. Unfortunatly sometimes we run into problems with our PC. Some times we delete things we probably shouldn't have, or wish we hadn't. Sometimes we are tricked into clicking on something that just installs a bunch of stuff we didn't want. Other times it's simply evil doers pushing viruses and malware. At Phoenix PC we understand it's not your fault, and we offer you computer soultions.


With every PC the situation is different. An in home free estimate will get you fully informed, on your secudule. We will start by identifing your hardware and its componets, next we will identify the software your running, after that we will have a look at the problem. We believe the best way to repair the issue is at the source. Sure "a reboot fixes it" untill it happens again, and that is wonderful news. But what Phoenix PC will do is search error logs and event warnings and see if we cant tie down what is causing the error. And in such investigative process it is determined we can not fix your PC we will offer you a referal to someone honest and reliable who can. These are a few of the services we offer regularly.

About Me

My name is David Johnson. I am a father of four and a husband. I usally like to spend my free time building a lifetime of memories with my family. I have a long and running passion with technology of several kinds, but mostly programming. I dabble in android apps and Android open source platform. I really enjoy digital art. I enjoy most of Adobe's products. Like this web page was done with Dreamweaver. I am a man of GOD and Jesus is my saviour. The LORD was so inclined that I should be good with computers and electronics, so I am thankful for his gift and enjoy sharing it with those in need.

Contact Phoenix PC

If you would like a FREE in home estimate please fill out the contact form below. I will reply. Please include as much as you can about the issue you are experenicing, in as much detail that you can. Also feel free to include any contact information you would like if you prefer me to reach back to you in a method other than e-mail... I understand your computer may be acting up right now.

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